Enjoy them with your morning coffee or a scoop of vanilla bean!

Pop-Tarts are known for their inventive flavors, and with summer around the corner they're serving up some inspired by one of America's favorite desserts: pie!

Delish reports Kellogg's is coming out with pie-flavored Pop-Tarts, and four new flavors on the way. Each breakfast pastry resembles the flaky, fruity treat that's become the ultimate comfort food and is, quite simply, just like mom used to make. There's Banana Creme Pie, Peach Cobbler, Lemon Creme Pie, and Tropical Mango. Each pastry contains its respective fruit filling, a vibrant layer of icing, and flecks on top mimicking pieces of pie crust. The Mango flavor is the exception, with a bright yellow drizzle in lieu of icing.

Pop-Tarts have successfully blurred the lines between breakfast and dessert, so no need to feel guilty having these with your morning coffee. Much like actual pie, they would be heavenly popped in a toaster oven or straight out of the fridge. Scoop some vanilla ice cream on top and it's basically dessert for one. Considering all the sweet flavors in their arsenal already, like ice cream sundae, s'mores, and strawberry milkshake, these fit right in with the theme. Not to mention they're warm-weather ready, like the limited-edition Lemon Groove Pink Lemonade flavor that just came out.

According to Best Products, these varieties will appear on grocery store shelves this June. The Banana Creme Pie flavor can only be found at Walmart in 16-count boxes for $3.89. The rest will come in the standard 8-count for $2.19. No word on whether these are permanent or limited to the summer, but it wouldn't surprise us if they were seasonal. Perhaps coconut creme pie or cherry pie could be next? Whatever they are, we'll be wanting a slice!

Are you going to grab one of these new Pop-Tarts flavors when they arrive? What's your favorite flavor? Let us know in the comments.