All Pink Everything

Imagine a world where you can open a pack a Starbursts stress free. A world where you don't need to worry about opening a pack around friends and family and having to share your favorite flavor (pink) leaving you with only ONE pink and 10 yellows that you just have to suffer through. That world once was dream, a fairy tale, heaven some may say. Well, God has opened the pearly gates because that fairy tale, dream world has become a reality. Limited Edition: All Pink Starburst Packs Are Here! On Tuesday, Starburst stated that they will be releasing limited edition packs of "All Pink" fruit chews for all us devoted Pink 'burst fans. The all-pink packs will be available this April in a single stick for $0.99 and a big bag (for those of you who are about to guzzle down straight pinks) for $3.19.
Where can you find these Limited Edition packs? Retailers including: Walmart, Target, Kroger, Walgreens, H-EB, Meijer and Amazon. Now go run out to the stores and stock up because this fairy tale is a short one and you only have a limited amount of time to stockpile. Who knows what the value of these things could be in a few years? All-Pink Starburst packs might be the new Beanie Babies. Collectables.

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