The limited-edition ice cream flavor is being offered in honor of National Ice Cream Month!

Lately, it seems that restaurants are going with some pretty crazy out-of-the-box public relations stunts to create a shock and awe effect and boost their business. But we have to admit that some of these are pretty genius ideas!

Well, to celebrate National Ice Cream Month, Longhorn Steakhouse has created a Steak and Bourbon-Flavored Ice Cream that is, well, questionable. Longhorn Steakhouse is known for its juicy and delicious steaks so the ice cream is bound to stand up to their legacy – I mean, there's no possible way that anyone could ruin ice cream, right? 

ice cream

Courtesy of Longhorn Steakhouse

In case you are wondering, the ice cream comes with swirls of jerky, char seasoning, steak sprinkles, and a Jim Beam bourbon caramel sauce

The ice cream is available in select locations for a limited time, as of July 1.

See the announcement here:

Should we be concerned that Longhorn Steakhouse is selling steak ice cream or that people are willing to purchase this product? The caramel Bourbon sauce does sound amazing, though! 

Do you think they've gone too far? Have you tried it yet? Tell us in the comments!