Treat yourself or your loved one to a chocolate-covered strawberry drink at Starbucks this Valentine’s Day.

What says Valentine’s Day like chocolate-covered strawberries? How about a chocolate-covered strawberry drink from your local Starbucks?

This new pink drink is all the rage right now, just in time for Valentine’s Day. It features the Starbucks cold brew mixed with white mocha and raspberry syrup, and although it has been called many names in the coffee world, including the "Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Cold Brew" and the "Lovers Cold Brew," it is always extremely Instagrammable, festive, caffeinated, and absolutely delicious.  

How to Order the Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Drink

Since the drink is on Starbucks’ secret menu, you’ll have to explain the drink to your barista to get exactly what you want. First, you’ll want to order a venti cold brew with two pumps of raspberry and two pumps of white mocha. Then, ask your barista to top off the pink drink with cold foam made with strawberry purée, then some chocolate curls. If your store doesn’t have chocolate curls, you can also opt for a mocha drizzle for a lovely effect. Depending on how sweet your sweet tooth is, you may want to add an extra pump of raspberry and mocha for a more sugary flavor.


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Extra Tips on Secret Menu Items

If you’re feeling the love for this drink, then head on to your local Starbucks as soon as possible. However, be sure to take your patience with you as this item is not on their typical menu. Therefore, not every barista will know how to concoct your love potion.

You may want to bring a copy of the recipe for them as well as a picture of what the drink is supposed to look like to ensure things go smoothly. This will ultimately make it easier for the baristas as they create the drink of your dreams.

Let us know if you manage to snag a Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Drink, and send us some of your Instagram shots!