The apple fritter is served warm right from the fryer.

If you are of a certain age you might remember a time when McDonald’s served cheese danishes at breakfast. It’s hard to know when they were pulled, but now America’s most popular fast-food restaurant is putting continental breakfast back on the menu. Beginning on October 28, visitors can try three new pastries, any time of the day or night. The new items include an apple fritter, blueberry muffin, and cinnamon roll. 

In the past several years, McDonald’s has been trying to appeal to the coffee shop customer by adding premium roast coffee and espresso drinks. The new bakery treats provide an option to customers used to grabbing a donut or pastry with their morning coffee.

"McDonald's has been famous for our savory breakfast menu for almost 50 years," said Linda VanGosen, Vice President, Brand and Menu Strategy, McDonald's USA. "We're continuing our breakfast innovation by adding tasty new sweet options with our new McCafé Bakery lineup. We know our customers deserve a break now more than ever, and are excited to give them another reason to visit their favorite breakfast destination by offering delicious flavors they crave, any time of the day.”

This is the first time pastries of this scale have been added to the menu. McDonald’s briefly had cinna bites, but never a full-sized cinnamon roll. Served warm, the cinnamon roll is made with flaky dough, cinnamon sugar, and cream cheese icing. The apple fritter is made with apples and cinnamon and served fresh from the fryer while the blueberry muffin has a streusel topping and is served at room temperature.

egg mcmuffin

Courtesy McDonald's

McDonald’s is already home to the Egg McMuffin—one of the most-served fast-food breakfast sandwiches ever. Designed to mimic eggs benedict, the Egg McMuffin consists of a perfectly round egg, American cheese, Canadian bacon, and an English muffin. It was first added to the menu in 1971. 

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