The McRib makes its annual return to stores for a limited time, beginning on November 1.

One of America’s favorite seasonal sandwiches is celebrating a big anniversary this year. The McRib will celebrate 40 years of boneless pork goodness when it arrives at McDonald’s next month. First introduced in 1981, the boneless pork sandwich includes a patty-shaped rack of ribs covered with barbecue sauce. The patty is topped with pickles and raw onion slices and served on an oval bun. It remained on the menu until 1985 when executives felt the sandwich wasn’t selling well enough.

The McRib was introduced for limited runs throughout the years, with McDonald’s holding several “farewell” tours for the sandwich (obviously, it never really was farewell). Since 2010, it has reappeared annually, usually for 4 to 6 weeks during November and December. In the 2000s, fans came to describe its return as "McRib Season."

Execs decided that bringing the sandwich back during the fall gave people a chance to enjoy a food that is typically consumed in the spring and summer.

“In the 80s, the masterminds behind McDonald’s food innovation had a truly unique idea: an undeniably delicious sandwich that could be enjoyed during the colder seasons,” said Mike Bullington, Senior Archives Manager at McDonald’s. “Whether you’re a McRib loyalist or first-timer, there is no denying that the McRib is one of the most iconic sandwiches of the last four decades and we have thousands of emails and tweets from fans to prove it.”

There is one place where you can get a McRib 365 days a year: Germany. But if you’re not up to travel to Europe when you have a craving, set a reminder to head to the nearest McDonald’s in November. If you haven’t already, download the McDonald’s app and join the new MyMcDonald’s rewards program. For every purchase, you'll get access to special daily offers. Last year, "buy one get one free" offers were available in the app for the iconic sandwich. Here's hoping the offers are just as good or better this year!

Will you be standing in line for the McRib on November 1? Share your love for this annual sandwich in the comments.