Support Colorado farmers while enjoying the fine fruits, vegetables, and more.

COVID-19 has hit every industry in the state hard, and agriculture is no different. When the pandemic hit, Miller Farms, a staple in the Platteville areas since the 1940s, found itself in jeopardy, like many other famers in the state.

The operation has regularly brought the farm to its customers, and vice versa, in a variety of ways, including farmers' markets, its annual fall harvest festival, and antique alley that encourages people to stop by. 

Coronavirus concerns have taken their toll and both the farmers' markets (though many are now open with precautions in place), as well as visitors to the farm. It all added up to one unthinkable possibility for the Millers: losing the family farm. 

Luckily, thanks to a suggestion from owner Joe Miller's young son, Drew, the farm is recouping some losses and all of us consumers are getting an amazing deal. 

Miller Farms has pivoted its business operations to stay afloat and has started what it is calling "Farm to Doorstep Delivery." Drew suggested delivering to customers directly, and it sparked a whole new venture for the farm. 

miller family
The Miller family is a staple in Colorado agriculture, and thanks to Drew (wearing the emoji shirt), they are rising to meet the challenge of COVID-19. (Courtesy of Miller Farms (Facebook).

Under Farm to Doorstep Delivery, customers from Cheyenne to Colorado Springs, can put in an order with the farm and have it delivered right to their door. 

Produce bundles start as low as just $20 and can be added onto. Excitingly, there is no delivery fee. It's an amazing way to get fresh, Colorado-grown food at an affordable price and support our state's economy and hardworking farmers. 

"It's like a farmers market to your doorstep," says the Miller Farms website. "Available for delivery are bags of mixed vegetables as well as bags of tomatoes, eggs by the dozen, tortilla chips, corn and flour tortillas."

Add-on's include ground beef, pork tamales, honey, and a wide variety of fruit and produce. 

In addition, Miller Farms produce will be available at local farmers' markets, as well as through a CSA program. But, for those who aren't comfortable going out and about at this time, this delivery service is an amazing choice. 

Learn more about Miller Farms, and sign up for your delivery. 

Do you know more local farms and ranches that are delivering their products in an interesting way? Let us know in the comments so we can feature them!