Choose between three evocative scents—Dive Bar, Game Day Bar, and Beer Garden!

There's nothing like cracking open a cold one in your favorite bar. But let's be real, there hasn't been much of that during the pandemic. If you've been missing your usual watering holes as much as we have, Miller Lite's latest launch will have you reaching for the bottle opener!

The beer company is leaning into stay-at-home vibes with a line of candles. Called "Bar Smells," each candle is inspired by the sensory components of a dive bar and recreates those special moments with beer, whether it's Saturday night with friends or catching the big game. Combining a mix of different smells, among them snack foods and furniture, you'll feel like you never left your go-to spot.

Game Day Bar has notes of salted peanut, jalapeno, and cracked leather. Dive Bar smells like musk, tobacco, pine, and yeast. Beer Garden recalls the smell of green moss, warm pretzel, cracked wood, and sunburn. It brings to mind the feel of our neighborhood spots, only without the crowds and sticky tables. They also have a burn time of 50 hours, which is a lot longer than any happy hour special we can think of!

In addition to being a cool product, they're also being sold for a charitable cause. Proceeds from each purchase will benefit the US Bartender Guild Foundation, which works with bartenders in the service industry. Notably, their COVID-19 Relief Campaign has raised over $9 million for thousands of employees, so you can feel good grabbing one of these to burn in your living room.

The trio was originally available for purchase on Miller's website, for $20 each, but unsurprisingly, it appears they sold out immediately. We're crossing our fingers for a re-stock, but in the meantime, you can stock up on boozy merch like t-shirts, keychains, and beer cozies. Or a can of Miller Lite, because why not. Cheers!

What do you think of these Miller Lite candles? Sound off on your favorite scents in the comments!