Taste the rainbow straight from your pantry.

In the last few months, people have been baking their way through the isolation of quarantine, from loaves of bread to elaborate pastries. To get us through these times, Nestle has unveiled the perfect product for baking fun: "Funfetti Morsels"!

That's right, everyone. The beloved cake mix of your childhood has now been transformed into baking chips you can store in your pantry. And they're available as soon as next month!

We believe life is all about the simple pleasures, and it doesn't get more simple than Funfetti. According to Nestle's website, these vibrant bits will "add colorful fun to any occasion and make any day feel like your birthday!" Knowing Nestle's penchant for inventive baking items—Espresso and Triple Chip morsels come to mind—these should be another homerun for bakers everywhere.

When you go off the packaging, there's a lot to be excited about. For one, these colorful morsels taste exactly like vanilla cake and contain rainbow sprinkles, which quite literally means you can 'taste the rainbow.' We've already thought of some way to use them: mix them into your favorite cookie dough, toss them in pancake batter, or jazz up homemade brownies or blondies for some sparkly flair. The possibilities are endless, which is what makes these baking chips so magical.

These babies are priced at around $3 a pop and can be found at your typical grocery chains like Kroger and Target beginning in August. But don't wait—Like the mythical Double Rainbow, these won't be around for long. You'll want to scoop up a few bags for your next baking project, or heck, for just eating straight out of the bag. If you've ever wanted to taste the rainbow, now's your chance!

Will you be picking up a bag of Nestle Funfetti Morsels? Tell us what you'll be baking in the comments!