Drink like a royal with pints sold at Sandringham Estate's gift shop.

*Originally published on May 7, 2021:

It seems Queen Elizabeth's gotten into the brewing game. Contrary to the monarch's public image—the colorful suit sets! the hats! she also fancies a drink now and then like the rest of us. While Her Majesty's go-to cocktail is a gin and dubonnet, that hasn't stopped her from delving into the world of hops and bitters, as seen by the beer now on sale at her beloved country home.

Sandringham Estate, the queen's longtime retreat in Norfolk, England, recently unveiled beers for sale at their gift shop. Now, along with chutney and fruit preserves, tourists can take home a bottled brew that's made exclusively from ingredients found on the property.

The two 500-milliliter varieties are produced by Norfolk-based Barsham Brewery and are called the Sandringham Best Bitter (4.3 percent ABV) and the Sandringham Golden IPA (5 percent ABV). These ales seem easy to drink, but the gift shop's sign confirms they're anything but PBR. Both contain "Organic Laureate Spring Barley" and "crystal clear water drawn from a nearby borehole." See? Not exactly something you would find in your neighborhood dive bar!


Courtesy of Sandringham1870 (Facebook)

The bottles also feature delightfully pastoral packaging—a hare for Best Bitter and a pheasant for Golden IPA. The reason for a nature theme? The bottle's exterior explains the estate's status as "a wildlife haven for Pheasants, Hares, Owls, and many other species" who "thrive in the wood and farmland habitats." Seems like a fitting celebration of the region's native species, as well as the Queen's passion for the outdoors.

Each bottle retails at £3.99, which in American dollars translates to $5.55. These aren't cheap by any means, but let's be real, either would be a lovely pairing with Sunday Roast. The next time you find yourself at Buckingham Palace, grab some of these for the plane ride home. They're the perfect souvenir for the beer lover in your life, especially if that beer lover is yourself!

Sandringham Estate is in the process of reopening to the public. Click here for more information.

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