Look out, chicken wings and bloody marys: Old Bay Hot Sauce is coming for you.

McCormick and Company has added a new product to the Old Bay lineup: hot sauce. Fans of the spicy seafood seasoning already put it on everything, including meat, chicken, popcorn, French fries, and eggs. Visit any local Maryland bar, and you’ll find Old Bay chicken wings on the menu. But within the next month, the limited-edition hot sauce will be rolling out to stores across the region, essentially revolutionizing the way we eat.

The company is constantly innovating the brand adding new mixes and sauces, so it makes perfect sense that McCormick would create a hot sauce with Old Bay in it.

“OLD BAY Seasoning and hot sauce go together like… Well, OLD BAY and everything,” said Jill Pratt with OLD BAY. “Our fans are always super excited to share with us all the ways they’re using the seasoning and celebrating their love of OLD BAY – from costumes and themed weddings to home décor and even tattoos. We can’t wait to hear what they think of our new hot sauce.”

old bay hot sauce

Old Bay hot sauce is the perfect addition to any recipe that requires hot sauce, like bloody marys, chili, nachos, and dip. Switch it out with wing sauce to add a new dimension to chicken wings, pasta, and more. Follow Old Bay on Instagram and tag them with your own yummy ideas.

Old Bay hot sauce will retail for $3.49 and can be found at Wegman’s, Weis, Giant, Food Lion, and Safeway. The new sauce will also be featured for tasting at local restaurants around the mid-Atlantic. OldBay.com is carrying the product as well, though it looks as though they're already sold out!

No word if Old Bay hot sauce will be sticking around, so stock up if you like it.

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