"The Rock" is here to provide us with more bad decisions ... aka another tequila choice on the market. Should we try it out?

Most people know Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson from WWE or his recurring role in the Fast and Furious movies, but as it turns out, he's ready to gain new fans by coming after the tequila lovers.

The Rock is set to launch his new tequila "Teremana" in March, and apparently he's been working on making a footprint in the tequila world for a while. He even added a bit of backstory behind the name, stating that Terre translates to "of the earth" and mana means a "powerful Polynesian spirit" to guide individuals.

And while we love a good backstory and explanation? We probably would still be willing to try it out anyway—because tequila.

Teremana looks to join some of the other big-name tequila brands and may even upstage Jose Cuervo and Patron in popularity. I know I won't be opposed to trying it—for testing purposes, of course. 

tequila, bottle, teremana, the rock

Courtesy of The Spirits Business

Speaking of testing purposes, The Rock gave Oprah an early birthday present by letting her take a shot of Teremana on January 29. Tequila + Oprah's approval has to be a recipe for success.

Teremana Blanco is set to cost $29.99 (per 750ml bottle) and Teremana Reposado will run $32.99 per 750ml bottle.

Are you going to join Oprah and try Teremana when it hits shelves in March 2020? Let us know if this will be replacing your go-to tequila for Taco Tuesday and margarita nights!