We never thought OREOs could get any better ... until now.

We've seen it play out countless times; you're hanging out with friends and just cannot agree on cookies: One friend says OREOs are the best. Another friend challenges and says cookie dough is at the top of the list. And you're chiming in with the hands-down best dessert ... brownies.

If only there was a dessert that you could all agree on. 

Thanks to the masterminds at OREO, your arguments and search are over. OREO Brookie-Os are hitting the shelves in January 2021.

This limited OREO packs in the flavor starting with a classic OREO cookie and adds layers of brownie, cookie dough, and original creme. All in one perfect bite.

Really, the OREO Brookie-Os have triple-layer creme. That's three layers of creme. Three! Between the classic outer cookies, layers of brownie creme, cookie dough creme, and original creme combine together to give you everything you've ever wanted.

How will you enjoy your first OREO Brookie-O? May we suggest dunking in a tall glass of milk? Are you game to create OREO balls dipped in melted chocolate? Or maybe you're a purist and will just dive into the package.

Did you know? The first OREO was made in the Chelsea Market in Manhattan, New York, back in 1912. Since that time, more than 40 billion OREOS are made each year and sold in more than 100 countries.

Where have you found Oreo Brookie-Os? What did you think? Tell us in the comments below.