Is it a cookie or a Ford manual? These genius packaging tricks will keep the kids away from your precious cookies!!

Cookie giant Oreo has teamed up with several iconic brands to release a limited-edition packaging of Oreo thins. These packages are camouflaged in a way so as no evil cookie monster will ever get their hands on them, like ever!

With the "Oreo Thins Protection Program," launched on July 14, parents can now save their coveted pack of cookies. The packages have logos of brands like Ford, Hanes, Green Giants, and Better Homes and Gardens to trick those little thieves from stealing away mommy's favorite treats.

When viewed from the side, the clever packaging reveals nothing about the delicious treats inside. This way, parents can have plain sight hideouts like in the refrigerator or bookshelves, but the kids won't have a clue!


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In July, the #ThinsProtectionProgram was trending on social media, with netizens praising Oreo's ingenious packaging ideas.

What do you think of Oreo's latest launch? What will be your favorite hideout place to sneak in the thins? Share with us in the comments.