Root beer float? Hot tamales? Peeps has announced its Easter 2020 flavors!

Holidays have this funny way of sneaking up on us when we're caught up in the tangle of our lives, so Peeps is helping us out. By announcing its 2020 lineup of new products and flavors, we have been adequately reminded that Easter is coming up soon!

The beloved Peeps brand always has some tasty tricks up its sleeves, and this year is no different. They have announced a couple of Peeps marshmallow chick flavors, some new marshmallow bunny flavors, and treats perfect for egg hunts!

For the chicks this year, you can expect to see the refreshing, sweet, Root Beer Float-flavored Peeps in stores nationwide.

Peeps root beer float flavored marshmallows
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If you keep an eye out at Walmart, you can find some of the Froot Loop-flavored Peeps on a stick. Also, only at Target, you can find exclusive Peeps Delights Raspberry Marshmallow Chicks dipped in a créme flavored fudge.

raspberry peeps

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At Kroger stores, you can find the Hot Tamales Peeps that feature a bold cinnamon taste. There have also been photos surfacing showing stores like Target rolling out Party Cake and Cotton Candy flavors.

Another fun and delicious addition to the Easter 2020 line up is the Chocolate Pudding-flavored marshmallow bunnies. This flavor is classically delicious and works well with the fluffy marshmallow, so it's perfect for marshmallow enthusiasts and chocolate lovers alike! These can make the perfect basket filler, or you can utilize this sweet, smooth flavor in an adorable Peeps recipe. One of the best things about this kind is that it will be available nationwide! Tasty, new, and accessible? Sign me up!


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There are a ton of Peeps products aside from the recognizable chicks to perfectly prep Easter baskets or to ready eggs for hunting! Rumor has it that Peeps Marshmallow-scented Easter Grass exists, and multiple drug stores are selling the Peeps Jelly Beans that feature a mix of lemon, marshmallow, strawberry, and blueberry flavors.

jelly beans

Finally, exclusively at Walmart, you can find the tiny, individually wrapped Marshmallow Mini Chicks that would perfectly fit inside plastic eggs!

miniature peeps

Courtesy of Walmart

Easter just isn't complete without these marshmallow goodies! Luckily, there is plenty of time between now and April to stock up on the whole collection of treats that Peeps has to offer. In addition to the exciting flavors here, Peeps has even more marshmallow goodies, candies, cereal, and even merchandise to offer on their official website.

What new flavor are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments!