"It's buttery."

If you could choose any flavor to become an M&M, would popcorn be one?

That's right! M&M's has recently created a saltier, more buttery version of its famous candy: "chocolate popcorn"! Only just released, it's already causing a stir on U.S. grocery store shelves. With its normal chocolate shell but super-crispy center that's supposed to mirror the taste and crunch of freshly-made popcorn, the Chocolate Popcorn M&M seems to be a perfect addition to your family movie night.

If you're an interested fan, there are three size options: a large 7.44 oz bag, regular shareable 2.83 oz bag, and a smaller 1.35 oz bag. So bring plenty of these to the party!

Snack Instagrammer @theimpulsivebuy tested the new candy and gave it an overall score of 8 out of 10.

Apart from the Chocolate Popcorn M&M's, the company has recently introduced a few other new fun flavors as well, including the White Chocolate Sugar Cookie M&M's, which will debut shortly before the holidays, in November. 

(As for us, we're still looking for a bag of popcorn-flavored M&Ms to taste-test! Can anyone hook us up?)

What do you think of popcorn-flavored M&Ms? Would you give them a try? Tell us in the comments!