From "love that chicken from Popeyes" to "love those beignets from Popeyes".

While you were wrapping presents and getting ready for the holidays, Popeyes was quietly preparing a new treat for us to eat. The popular chicken fast-food chain is truly embracing its New Orleans roots by adding chocolate beignets to its dessert menu.

On Monday, December 14, Popeyes debuted the beignets at all of its restaurants nationwide. They put their own spin on the New Orleans classic dessert by melting Hershey's chocolate all over the iconic powdery fried pieces of dough, giving chocolate lovers something to look forward to this Christmas.

Since beignets are known to be messy, Popeyes also released its own line of hoodies. Called "Beignet Camo," the hoodies are black with white flakes all over it to imitate the look of your clothes after eating a beignet. You can grab one of these fashionable hoodies on Popeye's website, One hoodie will set you back $35 and you can get it shipped directly to your home.

The new chocolate beignets will only be available at Popeyes for a limited time. They come in three sizes: a three-piece for $1.99, a six-piece for $3.99, and the ultimate 12-piece for $7.59.

People all over social media have already praised the introduction of these new beignets and are rushing to stores to get their fix:

Will you be joining them in the beignet craze? Let us know if you try one of these new chocolatey desserts!