Each cookie is stuffed with gooey cream cheese chips!

You know fall has arrived when Pillsbury drops their seasonal cookie doughs, and their latest batch is one you'll wanna scoop up!

Last week, Best Products revealed that Pumpkin Cookie Dough has finally reached store shelves after initially being reported in July. The limited-edition dough consists of a delectable pumpkin flavor with cream cheese chips, guaranteeing gooey perfection in 14 to 18 minutes. They join the rest of the company's fall lineup of cake mixes, cinnamon rolls, and the classic pre-sliced sugar cookies with Halloween-ready designs.

According to Pillsbury's website, "This mouthwatering twist on classic pumpkin cookies blends the flavors of pumpkin pie and cream cheese topping in every bite. Enjoy them as-is, or let them inspire a new favorite fall recipe—a pumpkin cookie bar, perhaps?"

Yet, there's a couple of changes cookie-lovers will be happy to hear. For one, each pack comes with 12 pre-sliced pieces, instead of the usual 24, making the cookies bigger! Is there anything better than a big, gooey cookie fresh out of the oven? We think not!

But that's not even mentioning the best part. No sheet pan is required to enjoy these cookies. The dough is safe to eat straight out of the pack, a move Pillsbury made last year for their ready-to-bake items. So if you're someone who likes licking the spoon, you can do it safely without getting sick. No tricks, only treats! The bag even says "eat or bake," giving you the option of how you'd like to indulge. A single cookie contains 140 calories and 13 grams of sugar (but who's counting?!).

The 16-ounce packs vary from $2.69 to $3.49 and can be found at most major retailers, including Wal-Mart, Target, Kroger, and Giant. As if making cookies wasn't easy enough, Pillsbury has somehow made it even easier. Let the season of baking begin!

Are you excited to try Pillsbury's Pumpkin cookie dough? What's your favorite fall treat? Tell us what you'll be baking this season in the comments!