Why save peanut buttery goodness for the afternoon? Enjoy this new treat for breakfast.

One of the best answers to 2020's offering of a pandemic, forest fires, murder hornets, masks, hurricanes, and online everything is cake for breakfast. Cake. For. Breakfast. 

Reese's, through its parent company Hershey's, has launched a new snack cake encompassing chocolate cake and peanut butter ... all dipped in chocolate. Reese's Snack Cakes debut later this year on market shelves nationwide.

Reese's describes the new delectable snack cake, "Yep, you read that right. REESE'S in the morning. Forever, in the form of a delicious soft baked chocolate cake topped with REESE's Peanut Butter creme covered in smooth milk chocolate."

While some nutritionists are rolling their eyes and protesting the amount of sugar, Registered Dietician Abby Sharp lets her kids eat dessert before veggies. And Taste of Home boasts the benefits of eating dessert for breakfast

"However, there is some evidence to suggest that eating dessert for breakfast could help stave off hunger for a good part of the day. According to a study from the Endocrine Society, eating a 600-calorie high-carb breakfast including a small dessert such as a sweet cookie or chocolate could help to improve weight loss." (Taste of Home)

The next time you hit your morning slump after your last sip of coffee, reach for Reese's Snack Cakes to rejuvinate your brain and body to make it another hour until lunchtime.

Would you rather head to the kitchen and bake your own mid-morning treat with ingredients you can monitor? Reese's has an answer for that as well. Browse pages of recipes perfect for this fall.

How have these snack cakes transformed your morning? Tell us more in the comments below.