Valentine's Day just got a whole lot more interesting!

The popular hummus brand, Sabra, is releasing a Dark Chocolate Dessert Dip & Spread, just in time for February 14. The savory-sweet hummus contains cooked chickpeas as its main ingredient—but with sugar being the second ingredient on the list, this is not your typical hummus! This vegan chocolate dip also doesn't contain tahini, so it's perfect paired with pretzels, fruit, churros, and more!

chocolate hummus
Courtesy of Sabra

“Valentine’s Day is a celebration of romance and connections and we’ve learned that 54% of Americans believe that eating well is a top way to improve relationships,” said CMO of Sabra Jason Levine, according to People. “To give Americans a start to healthy romance this Valentine’s Day, we’re thrilled to bring another exceptional product to market. We think you’ll fall in love." 

Since I love dark chocolate and I love hummus, I ran to my local Target to try to score a container. Sadly, they didn't have any! Now, to be fair, Valentine's Day is a full week away, so my eagerness might have gotten the best of me. But, I'm hoping I can give it a try soon.

Trader Joe's has their own version which I, fortunately, got to sample last year. It's pretty good, but so far, it's only been a one-time buy for me. Theirs does include tahini and does not contain brown sugar or vanilla extract, which leads me to believe that Sabra's version may taste sweeter—and be more up my alley. 


🔊WOOOOOOOOOOO 🔊 America, how do you ‘mmus?

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If you're an avid Super Bowl commercial watcher, you may recognize the debut of the sweet spread in this Sabra ad. But, you have to be paying attention!

What do you think? Will you give this savory-sweet chocolate spread a try this Valentine's Day? Sound off in the comments!