$1 from every purchase goes towards the Shawn Mendes Foundation.

Shawn Mendes has created a limited-time bowl with Chipotle, and part of the proceeds will go towards his foundation's charitable partners, which include SickKids, Pencils of Promise, March for Our Lives, and the One Drop Foundation. 

In addition to the proceeds from the bowls, Look to the Stars reported that 
"Chipotle and Shawn Mendes are also awarding 'Wonder Grants' to young activists focused on sustainability. “Wonder Grants” are designed to help young changemakers with big ideas but insufficient resources to launch or complete innovative projects across a range of fields including music, film, activism, education, science, environment and technology."

As for the bowl itself, what can you expect? Intrepid Vulture reporter Rebecca Alter drove two hours to "to eat the Shawn Mendes Bowl in a way that felt true to his Pickering roots: in a suburban Ontario parking lot," and reported that the bowl contains "chicken, guacamole, cauliflower rice, black beans, corn, and lettuce," and tastes ... salty." ... Ever very salty. The kind of salty where it’s sharp and it hurts." If you don't mind a bit (a lot) of salt, though, it's a reasonably healthy choice. The cauliflower rice is advertised as "plant-based," which ... all rice is, but that's fine, and true to Shawn Mendes' proven love of avocadoes (okay, he ate an avocado once), it comes with guac. 

Debuting on January 14, the Shawn Mendes Bowl will be around until January 28. Don't be left Wondering—get in there and try it out! And please, if you do, let us know: on a scale of salty to "ever very salty," where does this celebrity collaboration fall? Let us know in the comments.