These limited-edition flavors will be available through August 2.

Summer is on the horizon, and what better way to welcome its arrival than with a creamy milkshake? Sonic is bringing the (baked) goods with their newest milkshake flavors, and they're the boost of childhood nostalgia we ALL need right now.

The drive-in chain just unveiled their newest creations to their summer lineup: "Brownie Batter" and "Yellow Cake Batter" milkshakes. Brownie Batter is a new addition to Sonic's milkshake menu, and it sounds pretty decadent: a handspun vanilla ice cream mixed with chocolate brownie batter. Yellow Cake Batter is your favorite cake mix but better, featuring a luscious combo of vanilla ice cream and yellow cake batter. Both are creamy takes on universally-loved desserts sure to please any sweet-tooth. The best part? No waiting to lick the spoon—these tasty treats are available now!

“We’ve captured the fun and thrill of baking with family into two creamy, sippable versions every dessert lover will find irresistible,” said Sonic's Vice President of Product Innovation and Development Scott Uehlein in a statement.


Courtesy of Sonic

Sonic has been prepping for the warm months since April when they launched their Red Bull Slush and Watermelon Red Bull drinks. Their Yellow Cake Batter milkshake was an instant hit when it debuted last summer, so much so they're bringing it back again. And who can resist brownie batter?

Uehlein added, “Even though everyone has been at home baking for the past couple of months, our Brownie Batter and Yellow Cake Batter Shakes can only be found at SONIC. They’re here just in time to cool off on those hot summer days and nights.” Hear hear!

Sonic continues operating during the COVID-19 pandemic, offering drive-thru and drive-in services along with contactless payment methods through the chain's exclusive app. Considering they've always been a drive-in, we like to think of them as the OG of social-distancing. Fans can grab these limited-edition shakes until August 2, so get one while you can! Preferably with a burger and fries to-go.

What do you think of Sonic's new milkshake flavors? Will you be going for Brownie Batter or Yellow Cake Batter or both? Let us know in the comments—so many decisions, so little time!