Spring is right around the corner, and Starbucks is offering a new line of refreshing pastel drinks to celebrate the season.

It's almost time to put the winter sweaters away and start thinking about spring. What better way to roll out the welcome mat than with a trio of new iced drinks?

“We were inspired by Venice Beach and the California sun, reminiscent of a L.A. kind of vibe,” said Kris Murray, product specialist for the Starbucks Beverage Research & Development team.

You can definitely feel the West Coast influence in the coconut milk-based beverages. The Iced Golden Ginger Drink is a bright sunshiney yellow and bursting with ginger flavor. The Iced Pineapple Matcha Drink is a cheerful pistachio green and features tangy pineapple juice.

Both are simply shaken with a dairy-free coconut milk base. With ingredients like turmeric, fresh ginger, pineapple juice, and matcha green tea, you can practically feel the Cali sunshine flowing through you with every sip.

Golden Ginger Drink, Starbucks

Photo by Sarina Petrocelly

I stopped by my local Starbucks to try the Iced Golden Ginger Drink and I give it a very enthusiastic two thumbs up. It's light, spicy with ginger, and so zesty, it feels downright healthy. At 140 calories for a Grande, this would be a great guilt-free treat for anyone who really likes ginger and turmeric. If you're the type of person who eats the pickled ginger on its own before your sushi, then this is the drink for you.

Coffee lovers, there's a new option for you, too: the Nitro Cold Brew with Salted Honey Cold Foam. Sounds complicated, but it looks delicious!

iced coffee

Courtesy of Starbucks

For more information about the new spring beverages at Starbucks, check out their press release about their unveiling.

Will you be trying any of the new spring drinks at Starbucks? What looks good to you? Let us know in the comments!