The popular heart-shaped candy is returning to the shelves after a hiatus in 2019. But some of the revamped candy hearts may be missing their customary message.

Candy conversation hearts are a must-have when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day. The classic sugar hearts are given out by school children, used to decorate cakes, and consumed by the handful. But last year fans were left empty-handed when the New England Confectionary Company went out of business. Spangler, the maker of Dum Dums, stepped in and bought the Necco and Sweethearts brands but was unable to get production up and running in time for Valentine’s Day. This year the candies are back—but there are still a few hiccups.

When Spangler bought the Sweethearts brand in the fall of 2018, they had to move many large pieces of equipment from one factory to another. Spangler also invested in a new printer to create those cute amorous sayings. Unfortunately, the project was not completed in time for Valentine’s Day 2019. Now everything is back on track but the candy maker is still not able to produce the same volume of candies.

sweethearts candy hearts

There are a few changes to the Sweethearts as well. Consumers can expect new sayings on the candies, and some may have none at all. There is some good news if you remember the original Sweethearts flavors. Spangler has revitalized the original Necco recipe which included flavors like wintergreen and banana.

Where can you find original Sweethearts this year? Your best bet is to visit your local CVS or Walgreens store. You may be able to find them at some big box stores, but you’ll have the best luck at the two drugstore chains. Spangler plans to have the printing issues fixed and production back to normal in 2021. 

Which candy hearts are your favorite—Sweethearts or one of the other brands? Tell us in the comments!