Get ready for red, white, and blue brain freeze!

What better way to celebrate a long (and probably hot) July weekend than with a frosty freezy tropical-inspired drink. No, we’re not talking about adult beverages (though we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to add a little splash of rum to it when you get home).

This special edition drink isn’t an actual item on Taco Bell’s menu (isn’t that always the way it is?). Taco Bell has created it as a patriotic way to cool off over the Fourth of July weekend. Best of all, employees won’t be confused when you ask for it as it’s not really a “secret” menu item. They are announcing it on social media, after all.


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To order Taco Bell’s Red, White, and Blue Freeze: Ask for half of a Wild Strawberry Freeze, half of a Blueberry Freeze, and then one pump of tropical whip creamer. The colors will form distinct layers of red, white, and blue.

If you’re looking to score one of these refreshing and colorful drinks, don’t wait too long. Even though this is a creative hack, it’s advertised as a limited-edition beverage at participating U.S. locations.

So, what will this triple burst of frozen flavor cost me, you ask? A regular-size Freeze is $2.59; a large is $2.79. The tropical whip is an extra $.50. At that price, you can get one for everyone at your Fourth of July cookout. Don’t forget the rum for the over-21s.

Are you planning to pick up a Red, White, and Blue Freeze from Taco Bell? What’s your favorite Freeze flavor? Let us know in the comments.