Yep, you read that right!

The idea of combining a love of tacos with a deep affection for RITZ Crackers is just what we all need this year. The picture alone prompts cravings as we've never seen before.

As part of a series of social media posts inviting engagement, RITZ Crackers tempted the American public with the idea of taco-shaped crackers. And we bought it. We began planning the countless appetizers that would now be possible for the holidays.

With each post, RITZ Crackers invited followers to check back for more information, and we were hooked.

After multiple postings, RITZ Crackers provided the final information. In honor of National Taco Day, boxes of taco shaped crackers were awarded to just 26 lucky winners.

I wonder if all of us joined together for the cause, if RITZ Crackers would consider bringing taco-shaped crackers to stores nationwide. One can dream.

What would you place on top of a taco-shaped RITZ Cracker? Share your ideas in the comments below.