The perfect "healthy" snack for families on the go!

As a parent, I know to never leave the house without my diaper bag filled with snacks. On the rare occasion I forget, I always instantly regret it. A trip to Target or a long car ride can immediately go from enjoyable to disastrous if your little one suddenly becomes hungry or bored. Fortunately, Trader Joe's Organic Fruit Sauce Crushers are a lifesaver.

We joke that my son is a pouch connoisseur, but it's true. I've tried multiple brands, always hunting for the best deal and the best flavor (or at least one that he'll gulp down). Trader Joe's pouches are by far his favorite. He's tried pretty much every flavor they have, and "Apple Banana" and "Apple Strawberry" are his personal faves out of the five options. 

They're only 3.17 ounces, which is great if your kid has a propensity to only eat three-fourths of a 4-ounce size (one of my biggest pet peeves). Also, they're only $2.79 for a four-pack! That breaks down to roughly $0.70 a pouch. Other organic brands such as Plum organics, Happy Baby, and Earth's Best, to name a few, are all over a dollar per pouch.

fruit crushers

Courtesy of Kelli Comberiate

The best part, though, is that my son loves them! He always eats the whole thing and usually wants another immediately after downing one. His second favorite brand is Simply Balanced by Target, but at $3.29 for a box of four, I usually only buy them if they're on sale, or if we've run out of our Trader Joe's version.

While I personally haven't tried them myself, I imagine they're great for older kids and adults alike! The only negative I can think of is sugar content. The majority of the flavors have 11-12 grams of sugar (with the "Apple Carrot" being the exception at only 9 grams). On the other hand, there's no added sugar. 

The ingredients on the "Apple Banana" flavor include organic apple puree, organic banana puree, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C for freshness), and citric acid (for freshness). These are ingredients I think most parents can get behind. They're also gluten-free, vegan, and Kosher, in addition to being organic. 

As an added bonus, it gives me an excuse to love "TJ's" (as our family affectionately calls the popular grocery-chain) even more.

Do your kids eat Trader Joe's organic fruit sauce crushers? If not, what's their favorite brand of fruit pouches? I'd love to compare notes! Let us know in the comments!