TGI Friday's said "Cluck It" as it gives 2020 the bird it deserves.

Fast-food chain TGI Fridays® is letting customers give 2020 the bird with its all-new chicken fingers and wings "Cluck-It-Bucket." The bucket is a shareable entree for two and includes wings or chicken fingers with your choice of sauce, including Frank's RedHot® or Friday's Famous Whiskey Glaze®. It also comes with a double order of seasoned fries to make up for the past year. The bucket itself is designed with hilarious 2020 jabs such as "4 out of 5 murder hornets prefer hot wings," so you can turn your 2020 woes into laughable inside jokes. 


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The Cluck-It-Bucket was a result of a survey TGI Fridays conducted that asked customers how they felt about 2020. Based on the results, 52 percent of respondents indicated they felt 2020 was "exhausting" and a year they would love to give the bird to. Forty-seven percent of people admitted to saying, "Cluck it, it's 2020" at least daily or weekly with people aged 18-24 more likely to say it daily. Hence, TGI Fridays Cluck-It-Bucket encompasses all these feelings in a tasty and saucy way.

"From the pandemic to murder hornets to hanging chads … wait, that was 2000, not 2020 … anyway, 2020 has been a bumpy ride for us all. We know people are ready for a fresh start," said TGI Fridays Chief Experience Officer, Sara Bittorf. "However, there were positive highlights in 2020 for some people. In a recent survey, 72 percent of participants think 2020 was a gift in some way, which meant valued time with family, saving money, and learning new skills. The Cluck-It- Bucket is our way of gifting Fridays’ fans with their favorite, shareable, chicken entrees, and celebrate the New Year in the comfort of their own home."

The new Cluck-It-Buckets are available at participating TGI Fridays across the nation until January 12. Ironically, the bucket will cost you $20.20 so you can celebrate the end of a decade-long year. To order the new bucket, place an online order and pick it up in stores—not available for delivery and only available while supplies last. 

So will you be saying cluck it to 2020? Let us know if you order a Cluck-It-Bucket in the comments.