The buzz-worthy hot sauce can be found at East Coast retailers this spring

Hot sauce lovers, rejoice: Old Bay Hot Sauce is back, only this time it's not going anywhere. It's officially here for good, and it's heading to a store near you!

On Monday, McCormick announced the savory condiment would join the Old Bay family permanently and grocery store shelves across the country. Food Lion, Harris-Teeter, Giant, and Wegman's are among the retailers poised to carry the hot-ticket sauce, intending to distribute it across the East Coast by April. It originally debuted last year online, infamously selling out within a single afternoon.

"When you love something so much, you make it permanent," the company said matter-of-factly in a press release. Hear! Hear!

hot sauce

Courtesy of McCormick

Old Bay has become a mainstay in home kitchens and restaurants since its debut in 1939, forever transforming our perception of seafood and party snacks at large. Considering the Hunt Valley-based company also owns Frank's RedHot and French's, it's no surprise they'd step into the hot sauce game. Last November, they added Mexican brand Cholula to their condiment lineup for $800 million.

Part of the spice rack staple's appeal is its versatility, which means you really can't go wrong in whatever way you use it. Splash some on your scrambled eggs, use it as a topping on barbecue ribs and burgers, or kick up the heat in your brunch cocktail. It's zesty, it's tangy, and it goes with practically everything.

Each bottle retails at $3.49 and will be rolling out to stores along the East Coast. If you can't wait until springtime to pick one up from Weis, no worries. You can purchase some now from McCormick's website in select bundles of 5 and 10-ounce bottles. If you really wanna spice up your life, you can spring for a whopping 64-ounce jug for just $18.95. Bottomless Bloody Marys, anyone? 

Are you excited Old Bay Hot Sauce is here to stay? How will you be using it? Give us your tips in the comments.