No official date has been determined, but Wendy's has assured their customers that there will be a swift return of the Spicy Chicken Nuggets!

Huzzah! It's happening; it's really happening! Wendy's is bringing back their Spicy Chicken Nuggets after discontinuing them two years ago! It's been 84 years (two, I mean two) since we have tasted the spicy goodness, and the anticipation is finally over. 

Chance the Rapper tweeted Wendy's, begging them to bring the Spicy Chicken Nuggets back, and they responded saying that if he were to get 2,000,000 likes, they would answer our prayers. A day and a half later, Wendy's announced their return ... The lesson here? People love their Spicy Chicken Nuggets. 

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Here are the tweets:

One fan suggested that Burger King already had Spicy Chicken Nuggets, and in true Wendy's Twitter fashion, the roasting was had.  

We now no longer have to mourn the loss of the great Spicy Chicken Nugget. I have to know how they taste with the S'Awesome sauce ... I don't care if it's spicy overload, I have to know. 

Following the glorious Twitter announcement, excitement over the news ensued. The uproar of happy responses contained a mix of happy tears and happy dances. 

Surprise! In other news, the small frosty is currently 50 cents!  

Thank you, thank you, Chance the Rapper – you have made a lot of dreams come true. People everywhere are showing their gratitude towards this courageous act! We have won the great war ... spicy nuggets are coming! 

How quickly will you be heading to Wendy's for some Spicy Chicken Nuggets? Tell us in the comments.