Shop your favorite Virginia distillery stores from the comfort of your own home.

Even though you can't visit the tasting rooms of your favorite local watering holes, you can still get what you need, shipped directly to you. Supporting local businesses and getting to try new craft spirits? That's a win-win deal if I ever saw one!

The Virginia Alcohol and Beverage Control Authority (ABC) just announced the news in a press release, and it covers dozens of distillery stores all over the state.

“Virginia distilleries contribute to the economic vitality of the commonwealth and it’s important that they have some flexibility in how they are able to provide their products to consumers while their tasting rooms are closed,” said Chief Executive Officer Travis Hill. “The Virginia Distillers Association is a key partner in working with our distillery store agents to craft responsible policy solutions to address the unprecedented circumstances of this crisis. This temporary addendum to distillery store agreements is one example of many since this crisis where we have provided our licensees with relief from regulatory challenges in areas where we have the authority to do so.”

There are limitations to the new orders, though. You can only get up to six bottles of spirits or two cases of low-alcohol coolers per month, and distilleries must verify that all buyers are over 21. Shipments will be made directly to your home, through an approved carrier like FedEx or UPS.

Ragged Branch, bottles

Courtesy of Ragged Branch

Click here to see the full list of distilleries included in this direct shipping program. For more information, or to find participating distilleries, visit the Virginia ABC website and read the official press release. This is a great way to support your favorite local businesses during these uncertain times.

Which distillery will be the first one you order from? Drop us a line in the comments and let us know what is a must-try product.