Where did Wendy's new fries go wrong?

You know all that (maybe kind of harmful) rhetoric about coming out of the pandemic better? Healthier, more informed, hotter? Well, it looks like good ol' Wendy's took it to heart because they just revamped their fries—and they may not be healthier or more informed, but Wendy's hopes they're hotter—and that they'll stay hotter longer. 

It is a truth universally acknowledged that nothing is worse than cold fries (except, of course, the 9 million other things that are worse than cold fries), and Wendy's old fries were certainly guilty. Their new Hot & Crispy Fries are "built for heat retention (and)...crispiness," according to Delish—yet The Takeout gave them a "C" in their recent review. Where did Wendy's new fries go wrong?

First, Dennis Lee wrote for The Takeout, they lost what Wendy's fries had going for them in the first place: "The former version—more homestyle, yet quickly terrible—just fit better on Wendy’s menu in a cohesive sort of way, while the new fries seem too engineered. It feels weird to say, but the former version ultimately made more sense, even though I considered them crappy. And now that these crispier, more doctored fries have arrived, I kind of miss the old ones. Who knew I could be nostalgic for something I never really liked to begin with?"

Still, Delish points out a good reason to try these new fries: order a medium size Hot & Crispy Fries in Wendy's app, and every Friday in October, you can claim free food items through the app. 

A free burger for the price of fries? We'll take it.

Have you tried the new fries? Are you attached to the old ones? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.