Get schwifty with Wendy's new "Rick and Morty"-inspired sodas!

Wubba Lubba Grub Grub! Wendy's has been invaded by Rick and Morty and is now serving two new sodas inspired by the popular Adult Swim television series. From now until August 22, more than 5,000 Wendy’s restaurants across the United States will offer two exclusive drinks in its Coca-Cola Freestyle machines: Mello Yello BerryJerryboree and Mello Yello Portal Time Lemon Lime.

According to multiple sources, the drinks remind fans of liquified SweetTarts. However, if you're watching the sugar intake, there are also sugar-free versions of both drinks available in store.

"Wendy's is such a great partner, we had to continue our cosmic journey with them," said Tricia Melton, the CMO of Warner Bros Global Kids, Young Adults and Classics. "Thanks to them and Coca-Cola, fans can celebrate Rick and Morty Day with a Portal Time Lemon Lime in one hand and a BerryJerryboree in the other. And to quote the wise Rick Sanchez from season 4, we looked right into the bleeding jaws of capitalism and said, yes daddy please."

Prior to his debut on the big screen, Morty also took over a Wendy's in Los Angeles. Over the weekend, the restaurant's Twitter account was hacked by the awkward teenager and transformed from Wendy's to Morty's. The account's new profile marketed some brand-new menu items and told viewers to "come try one of our famous square hamburgers, the Jerry's single, and wash it down with one of our brand new Portal Time Lemon Lime or BerryJerryboree drinks."

Morty then used the account to promote a new Los Angeles pop-up called Morty's that gave Los Angelians exclusive access to Ricky and Morty-themed food, including the limited-edition Pickle Rick Pickle Frosty. While at the pop-up, travelers were sent through Morty's mouth and transported to a custom LED-filled drive-thru experience. The pop-up was open from June 18-20, closing right before the premiere of the show's fifth season.

"We're big fans of Rick and Morty and continuing another season with our partnership with entertainment powerhouse Adult Swim," said Carl Loredo, Chief Marketing Officer at Wendy's. "We love finding authentic ways to connect with this passionate fanbase and are excited to extend the Rick and Morty experience into our menu, incredible content and great delivery deals all season long."

For fans who are not located in Los Angeles, Wendy's is also offering free delivery through Wendy's app until July 1 so that fans can drink the themed treats and watch the season premiere without missing a moment. 

Ricky and Morty's partnership with Wendy's was just one part of the show's campaign for its season premiere. Adult Swim deemed June 20 as Global Rick and Morty Day, providing festivities such as a new avatar site that allows fans to turn themselves into a Rick and Morty character. The Rick and Morty Day events kicked off the premiere of the show which aired on Adult Swim at 11:00 p.m. ET/PT on June 20.


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And that's the way the news goes! Let us know if you try one of the limited edition drinks at your local Wendy's!