Celebrate 50 years of creamy green goodness with the classic shake or new dessert. 

Kick off the season o' green with a good old Shamrock Shake from McDonald's, a tasty treat that has been a staple around this time of year since 1970. Oh, yes—it's been putting people in carb comas for an impressive 50 years! 

shamrock shake commercial
No Shamrocks were harmed in the making of this commercial. Leprechaun hat not included. Courtesy of GIPHY.

The fast-food joint started serving it on February 19, but you only have until sometime in the end of March to enjoy the goods. In case you've been hiding under a pot of gold for the last several years, you've missed out on an iconic dessert. 

“Every year customers eagerly await the return of the Shamrock Shake — and over the past five decades, getting a sip of this green legend has become a seasonal tradition for many,” said McDonald’s Archivist Mike Bullington. “The shake’s unique history and widespread passion for this menu item has qualified the Shamrock Shake as a beloved cultural icon. We feel lucky to have such dedicated Shamrock fanatics, and hope to continue the legacy of this legendary treat for many more years to come.”

shamrock season
Courtesy of McDonald's (Facebook)

Interestingly, the Shamrock Shake recipe has undergone some changes over the years. Way back in the '70s, it was actually made with vanilla ice cream, lemon-lime sherbet, and vanilla syrup. Sort of a creamy, Sprite-tasting concoction. Somewhere in its timeline, it's was also a Shamrock Sundae drizzled with mint syrup. Then, McDonald's took all the fun out of it, and just served the original vanilla shake with green food coloring. 

Today, mint lovers must be feeling lucky, because the eatery has added the Shamrock Shake syrup to the mix and blended it all into a fresh flavor that is anything but vanilla. 

In addition to the classic shake, McD's fans also get to try a brand new concoction this year: The Shamrock McFlurry with OREOs. 

“We’ve been serving the iconic, cult-favorite Shamrock Shake for 50 years and it’s become synonymous with McDonald’s ever since,” said McDonald’s Vice President of Menu Innovation, Linda VanGosen. “We’re excited to serve up a new way to experience the one-of-a-kind Shamrock flavor in our new OREO Shamrock McFlurry. Our chefs worked to get the perfect balance of OREO cookies and mint for this new delicious dessert. We can’t wait for customers to get a taste this spring.”

Here's a secret that the Mickey D's bigwigs don't want to get out: You can make this at home with only six ingredients, so you could go wild and drink this any time of the year. Check out Delish.com's Copycat McDonald's Shamrock Shake recipe

Are you a Shamrock Shake fan? How do you feel about the McFlurry addition to the Shamrock family? Let us know in the comments.