What's YOUR favorite Halloween candy?

Zippia, a career-building and job-seeking website, looked at Google trends to come up with a map to show the states with the most avid fans of a particular type of Halloween candy. Colorado’s results show that, at the time of the data grab, we like Airheads the most. 

However, CandyStore.com looked at 13 years of retail candy selling data to determine the top three candies sold in every state, and their results for Colorado were a bit different. According to their data, Coloradans buy Hershey kisses the most, followed by Twix and Milky Way bars.

Airheads candy
Courtesy of Airheads Candy (Facebook)

Another survey done in June 2020 by CandyStore.com listed favorite candy by state and showed that Colorado chose M&M’s. Colorado does seem to lean towards the chocolate candy, which means there may be more than a few folks wondering where that Airheads data came from. Of course, with marijuana being legal in the state, there is no end to the jokes that can be made about the Airheads candy—and we're sure most Coloradans have heard plenty of them.

While none of these lists gives us an exact picture, it's obvious that Colorado loves its sweets.

Do you agree with Airheads as a top candy choice here in Colorado, or are you more of the chocolate variety? Sound off in the comments below, and don't forget to let us know what your favorite Halloween candy is.