Burger King's latest marketing video features a beautiful Whopper slowly decaying in timelapse. What does this even mean?

The Twitter-verse is split on the reactions to the controversial Burger King ad:

Basically, Burger King is insinuating that their new Whopper in development will be preservative-free and susceptible to the ravages of time. They hope to have rolled it out by the end of 2020. That begs the question: just how many preservatives do Whoppers have now?

This tweet highlights the notion that McDonald's produces indestructible fast food that takes years (if ever) to decompose.

Some people are turned off enough by the ad that they won't be ordering a Whopper any time soon.

Others are questioning the validity of the concept, while yet others think it's genius.

What do you think: is this ad effective or just gross? Sound off in the comments!