National Chicken Wing Day was created in 1977 by the city of Buffalo, New York–home to the original Buffalo wing.

National Chicken Wing Day is Thursday, July 29. If you’re a fan of spicy wings, you might already be aware there have been shortages of America’s favorite pub appetizers. The limited supplies have forced restaurants to raise prices or pull them off their menus altogether.

Wing chain Wingstop has taken a more creative approach and temporarily changed its name to “Thighstop.” The restaurant has an exclusive menu of boneless and bone-in thighs that can be topped with its special sauces.

Here’s where you can find deals you can use on National Chicken Wing Day:

Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings is celebrating the day with a traditional BOGO offer. The offer is valid on 10-piece boneless wings only. Think you can handle spicy wings? Take the Blazin’ Challenge. The special pack comes with 10 super hot Blazin’ Carolina Reaper Wings and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Proceed with caution.


Did you know that 7-Eleven sells wings? National Chicken Wing Day is the perfect excuse to give them a try. 7-Eleven has two deals: one in-store and the other for delivery only. Stop in-store and get 16 boneless wings for just $3 with a choice of three flavors. Order in and get bone-in wings; buy one get one free with free delivery. Download the 7-Now app for details.


Courtesy Wingstop/Thighstop


Wingstop, err ... Thighstop recognizes there is a nationwide chicken wing crisis. To help promote the other pieces of the chicken, Thighstop is giving away two free bone-in thighs mixed in your choice of sauce with any purchase of $15 or more. Boneless and bone-in thighs are available in 11 distinct flavors, including spicy Korean and mango habanero.


In honor of National Chicken Wing Day, Korean fried chicken restaurant Bonchon is bringing back an old favorite from 2020. On July 29, every order of fried chicken wings, boneless wings, and strips will come with a free cucumber wasabi ranch dipping sauce. The cool spicy sauce is the perfect accompaniment to any piece of fried chicken.


It wouldn’t be National Chicken Wing Day if Hooters didn’t run a special. All day, get 10 free boneless chicken wings when you buy 10 (dine-in only). National Chicken Wing Day is also the day when Hooters holds its annual Miss Hooters Pageant. Fans are invited to come down and watch the 2021 pageant live from Orlando at their local Hooters restaurant.

Perdue Farms

Cooking at home? Perdue Farms is offering some great deals on chicken wings through their ship-to-home site. Now through July 29, get 10 percent off any chicken wing product with promo code “WINGDAY.” They also have a special National Chicken Wing Day bundle that includes five three-pound bags of frozen bone-in chicken wings for just $69.99. Just throw them in the freezer and pull out a bag when you have a craving for wings.

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