Just think of the possibilities ...

You are what you eat—at least that's how the brilliant minds at Oreo see it. Oreo is giving its customers the chance to customize their cookies with OREOiD. Customers can add images, text, sprinkles, and so much more.

To start the process, head on over to the Oreo website. From there, you'll be able to customize your order to perfection—choose from eight creme colors, a fudge or white fudge dip, and eight types of sprinkles, as well as image and text options. Purchase options start at $2.50 and go up, depending on how many custom Oreo cookies you want.

Oreos are already a favorite, and this new spin comes just in time for the holidays. Every member of the family can get their very own customized box of Oreos under the tree!

"The OREOiD platform provides the opportunity to combine the playfulness of our cookie and the imagination of our fans. We’re so excited to unveil this new customized experience for our fans to engage with OREO on a whole new level, just in time for the gift-giving season!", said Oreo brand manager Olympia Portal in a press release. 

People online have had a little fun with the customization tool, as you can see below:

The customizable Oreos are the perfect way to surprise a loved one, share a laugh, pop a special question, or just simply spread some joy. What do you think? Share your favorite way to enjoy an Oreo in the comments below.