Bigfoot lives! Well, at least he does in this luxury real estate listing from California. 

5649 Hillside Drive in Felton, California, has just been listed for sale for $1 million. The 1,872-square-foot, five-bed, three-bath house has a beautiful outdoor deck, large windows, and lots of luxury. It also, according to the real estate listing, has a resident Bigfoot. 

The gorgeous home borders Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, a known sighting ground for the legendary Bigfoot. The real estate agent selling the home wanted to get a little bit creative with his approach to selling the house. Daniel Oster of Coldwell Banker told Insider he just couldn’t get the idea out of his head after doing a professional photo shoot for the listing. 

"It just kept coming to mind, I thought it might be fun and make people smile," Oster said. "Home buying is kind of an adventure, and I wanted to make it a surprise."

After getting the go-ahead from the seller, Oster hopped into his Bigfoot costume—he just happened to have one handy, it seems—and took some very silly photos featuring the big guy. Sprinkled in with the regular home show photos, they add a little bit of whimsy and character to the listing. 

This Bigfoot is a relatively calm one; he pretty much just hangs around the house. The fun photos have helped get the listing shared a lot online, which is exactly the goal of taking real estate photos. 

Bigfoot on couch
A bit of daytime reading, keeping his big mind busy.

Bigfoot gardening
He gardens AND fixes things—this Bigfoot is no moocher.

Bigfoot yoga
Gotta stay active and fit ...

Bigfoot in kitchen
Cookie? Um, yes, please!

At the time of this writing, the home is still listed for sale, but sadly, Bigfoot does not come with the house ... although, it's always possible he may pop up in the woods.

With a spacious airy interior, wood-paneled floors and ceilings, gorgeous views, and multiple fireplaces, this home is one we would be happy to call home, Bigfoot or not. 

What do you think about this real estate agent's hilarious tactic to sell this home? Sound off in the comments below.

All images courtesy of the Zillow real estate listing.