This sprawling western ranch spans two states and even has a resort!

A lot of people, especially Coloradans, have always dreamed of owning a large ranch where they can do all their favorite outdoor activities in one spot, but the owner of the Discovery Channel, John Hendricks, had an even bigger vision. This isn't just a huge residential ranch, but also an expansive luxury resort that welcomes visitors to join in the outdoor escapades.

It's no surprise that Hendricks would have such a lavish western style ranch in western Colorado, but this is truly a site to be seen. The sheer size of the 22,000-square-foot property alone will make your jaw drop, and the beauty of the landscape, resort, and houses will leave you speechless.


Helipad at West Creek Ranch

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For the guests and residents of the Gateway Canyons Resort, they don't just have access to luxury amenities and incredible natural wonders, they also have almost immediate access to air travel. This resort is conveniently located near the Grand Junction Regional Airport, which allows for easy access to planes and helicopters. But being near an airport wasn't enough when it came to designing this spectacular home. This property has its own helipad included so you can fly any time you like.


Observatory on West Creek Ranch

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Yes, you read that correctly. The Gateway Canyons Resort has its very own observatory so you can gaze at the stars like never before with a12-foot telescope with rotating copper roof. Whether you're privately viewing the constellations or with friends, the observatory adds an unforgettable touch.

Two-Story Library

Two story library at West Creek Ranch

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This is one of the homes most beloved features, and it was created for Hendricks. This two-story spiral library will leave you breathless; it's beautifully designed to have a minimal, rustic feel that encourages the need to curl up with a good book. It features a spiral staircase and walls lined with books. To top it off, there is a domed roof that allows natural light to flood the room, giving it an even more relaxing feel.

Creekside Guest House

Guest house at West Creek Ranch

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Outside of the main residence, this property boasts a wonderful two-bedroom, one-bathroom guest house perfect for a small family or a few visitors. It can easily become a home away from home with a spacious kitchen and full attached garage. This guest house is nestled in a natural setting near a trout stream that you can fish in!

Summer Cabin at Sky Mesa

Summer Cabin at West Creek Ranch

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If you thought the guest house sounded nice, then you'll love this three-bedroom, two-bathroom summer cabin. This cabin sits hilltop with a front and center canyon view so you can take in all the amazing sunrises and sunsets. The cabin is another residence that can easily accommodate an entire family and features a separate garage and helipad.

Chef's Kitchen

West Creek Ranch Chef's Kitchen

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You'd expect a beautiful mansion like this to feature a stunning kitchen, but this one was specially made for foodies who love to cook and experiment. With a full chef's kitchen, you can whip up a six-course meal with no problem. Or you could always have a chef cook for you, which isn't uncommon at this house.

Gateway Auto Museum

Gateway Car Museum

The Gateway Canyon property was designed for more than just getting an ample dose of nature. It was designed to entertain and educate, which is exactly why it's home to the spectacular Gateway Auto Museum. This museum has everything any car lover would love to see. From 1930's Hollywood style classics to muscle cars that dominated the 60's and 70's, you'll never see another car museum quite like this one. 

Just imagine, you could have all of this for a cool $279 million! Find out all the amazing details on this one-of-a-kind property here. Or you can book a tour online here.

Gateway Canyons Ranches & Resort is located at 40275 Highway 141 in Gateway, Colorado.