This sprawling 45,212-square-foot home will take your breath away!

Believe it or not, this home isn't perched on the mountaintops of the Rockies, it actually sits on an expansive 45 acres of land right in Parker!

This house is truly a sight to be seen, and right off the bat, you will be captivated by its rolling hills of green, lush grass. As you wander through the stunning garden you will find a treasure trove of tranquil streams, waterfalls, and a large pond. The entire yard is decorated with bronze statues and natural stones. 

Even more amazing the outside of the home is the interior. Each room is expertly designed to exude a classic, sophisticated feel. This house has everything you could possibly want and more! Not only does it have a 29-car garage, 11 bedrooms, and 24 bathrooms, but it also has some pretty unbelievable amenities. Check them out below!

Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar

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Inside this opulent home sits an outstanding wine cellar and tasting room that any wine connoisseur would be envious of. Host your own premier wine tasting party or select a bottle to enjoy by yourself. Either way, it will be a memorable experience that never gets old.

Entertainment Wing

Bowling Alley

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One look at this house and you can see it was made for entertaining. Whether you're home alone with the family or you want to throw the party of a lifetime, this house has what you need to create a memorable experience every time. Not only does it have a room for music, dancing, and catering, but it also has a bowling alley, arcade, and a bar that will make you feel like you're in a five-star lounge. 

Incredible Indoor Pool

Indoor pool and hot tub

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You might expect a lot of exquisite mansions to have a pool, but you've never seen one like this before. This pristine indoor pool has enough room to do laps or float around and it even has in-pool bar stools so you can take a break to sip on a daiquiri or chat with friends. When you're done cooling off in the pool you can warm up in the perfectly matched hot tub.

Movie Theater

In-home theater

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Why pay to see a movie when you could have the comfort and convenience of that at home? Well, you can in this house. Feel free to stretch out in the cushy reclining leather seats while you get lost in your favorite movies in this plush atmosphere. This theater is perfect for a movie for one or a packed house full of friends and family.

Wouldn't you love to live here? I know I would. Maybe you're not a millionaire, but it doesn't hurt to dream! You can check out more photos and details here