If you ever wanted to take a peek inside a luxurious mountain estate, here's your chance.

You know a house is going to be nice when it has its own title. The Summit House at Mount Thomas is officially on the market, and it will blow your mind! This masterpiece is a slice of Colorado paradise and has access to panoramic views no matter where you are. To put it simply, the Summit House is more than just a house and would be better described as an estate. This 11,300-square-foot estate sits atop hundreds of acres of land and has a handful of smaller properties throughout on this mountain oasis. 

Mount Thomas has features that most people wouldn't even dream of. Things like horse stables,  mechanic shop, and a private pond are just a few perks that you could enjoy while living on this sprawling property. No detail was overlooked when Mount Thomas was designed by the renowned Colorado architect Donald Ruggles.

This luxurious mountain home is surprisingly convenient for being so tucked away. It's right next to Blackhawk and less than an hour drive from Denver, and 75 minutes from DIA. The best part of Mount Thomas is how perfectly each property blends into the surrounding scenery. According to Ruggle's website, 70 percent of its materials were found within one mile of the site.

Spacious guest house

Guest House

Courtesy of Mountthomas.com

This guest house could be considered its own property with 2,900 square feet of spacious living for your visitors to enjoy. This wonderful addition has four bedrooms, 4.5 baths, and a huge private porch so your guests can feel like they have their own piece of heaven.

Cozy cottage

Caretaker Cottage

Courtesy of Mountthomas.com

Officially known as the caretaker cottage, this is the perfect extra space for anyone who wants a little place of their own to get away. It's only slightly smaller than the guest house at 2,800 square feet, but clearly, it's just as roomy and has its own unique amenities like two full kitchens, an entertainment deck, and a ceramics studio.

Miles of private trails

Trails and Wildlife

Courtesy of Mountthomas.com

This property would be any wildlife lovers dreams. It has acres and acres of pristine wilderness and private trails and roads that weave throughout the woods. The array of wildlife is amazing and you can expect to see moose, bobcats, and eagles as you explore Mount Thomas. 

Pond House

pond house at mount thomas

Courtesy of Mountthomas.com

Wouldn't it be nice to not only have your own pond on your expansive property but also have a rustic pond house to sit at the water's edge? This adorable bonus feature is the perfect place to throw a shindig. It has a fireplace, a small kitchen, and plenty of seating to entertain guests.

For more information on the $15M estate, click here.

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