This home has some really creative surprises! 

There are some pretty interesting decor choices in this $4.4 million home, but don't let that deter you. Walls can be painted, and carpet can be ripped out. Just remember that at its core, this renovated 1925 house features 8,000 square feet, six bedrooms, six bathrooms, a gorgeous Westchester setting, and lots of beautiful windows and natural light! 

Take a look inside:

I might be wrong -- but is that a portrait of Princess Di over the fireplace?

This room, with its landscape murals covering the walls, is pretty trippy.  

So. Many. Gorgeous. Windows. 

Can we just take a moment of silence for this picture-perfect kitchen? I have no words.

If this doesn't get your family to have actual family dinners, I don't know what will. 

Other than the star-spangled carpet, this is a pretty decent workout space!

Surprise! There ... there is a plaid room. It's like it's hugging you. 

The plaid motif worked its way into this room as well.

The backyard and back porch are the perfect areas to have delightful conversations.  

I can see the most exquisite parties out here! 

This unique home can be found at 2727 34th Pl. NW, Washington, D.C., 20007 -- check out the listing on Redfin and Zillow.

**All photos courtesy of Redfin

What is your favorite room in the house? Will you be lounging in the plaid room? Tell us in the comments!