This property will wow you in every way!

Just stunning! You have to see this home! It has everything you have been looking for ... open floor plan ... gym/recreation/family room ... spa area ... sophistication and class ... tons of natural light ... major win!

Built in 2007, this relatively new home was designed for the 21st century. Fixed on one of Washington D.C.'s most desirable streets, the structure is hard to miss because of its unique design! 

Take a Look Inside:

Your first glance inside gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect throughout. This front room = perfect.

living room

I would never get tired of staring at this view! 

front room with grand piano

fancy sitting areas

I'm digging the star-like lights! They add some twinkle to your cooking experience! 


So many shiny things!


The long, narrower shape of the bedroom is not what you would typically expect, but it works ... adds character! 


Of course, the bathroom is enormous! 



The futuristic furniture matches the aesthetic of the house ... am I in the movie Zenon?


Who doesn't love a good screened-in porch for privacy? No pesky bugs out here!

screened-in porch

There is a spa ... I repeat, there is a spa! 


Grab a margarita and a magazine to sit in the world's comfiest lounge chairs and bask in the view of your gorgeous house! 


Just think about it: You get to come home to this every night! 

garage and patio

Find the home at 5743 Potomac Avenue NW, Washington, D.C., 20016 in the Palisades neighborhood – check out the listing on Sotheby's!

What is your favorite feature of this house? Do you like the style and sophistication? Tell us in the comments!