Nearer my God to Thee ... literally!

What if I told you that you had the opportunity to live in a renovated church with incredible architecture and original stain-glass windows? When you decide to purchase this home (before I do), you'll get your very own piece of history, three stories of living space, a balcony with an astonishing view, and an extremely unique living situation! 

Did we mention that there is an elevator? Well, there is one! 

Take a Look Inside:

We have not even entered the heart of the home, and I can already feel just how astonishing it will be! 

Hallway 609 Maryland Avenue

The original architecture is masked with a remarkable modern-style design! 

Eating Area

The original stain-glass windows add so much character to such a white room. Plus, I'm digging the open and inviting design of the kitchen – you can actually talk to people, see them, and cook all at once!

Kitchen 609 Maryland Ave

I'm loving this quaint yet sophisticated room – the bed frame matches the aesthetic of the home!

Bedroom 609 Maryland Ave

The window opens!! I would plop a cushy pillow down on that window seat and make that my permanent perch.

Window in Bedroom

Wow ... just wow!

Office 609 Maryland

And ... here we have a spacious bathroom.

Bathroom 609 Maryland Ave

There is nothing really important to see here ... except for the mesmerizing winding staircase! Oh, it also leads up to the private bell tower with never-before-seen views of the city! 

Stairwell looking upStairwell Looking downStairwell Balcony

Feast your eyes on this stunning home at 609 Maryland Ave. NE, Apt. 4, Washington, D.C., 20002 – find the listing on Washington Fine Properties, Zillow, and Redfin!

**All photos courtesy of Washington Fine Properties

What is your favorite feature of this home? Are you just floored by how gorgeous the architecture is? Tell us in the comments!