A new era on the horizon for Larimer Square. 

A prime piece of real estate has hit the market in Denver, and it's likely to garner a lot of attention. The iconic Larimer Square has been listed for sale for the first time in 27 years. Jeff Hermanson purchased the property in 1993 and has decided that it is time to move on and let new life and energy move into the beloved area. 

Hermanson notified tenants last week of his intent to sell the property and says he is hoping someone will buy the group of 20 historic buildings. In a letter dated October 29 to tenants, he revealed his plans to sell:

“After an incredible 27 years, I have decided to pass the torch of ownership of Larimer Square,” Hermanson wrote in a letter dated Oct. 29. “This time in my life has been defined by the creativity, partnership, and reinvention that are the hallmarks of this cherished block.”  He went on to say he hopes to “find a new owner who will not only respect and appreciate the legacy of this historic Denver landmark but will also bring the dedication and capability to usher in a new era of vitality."

Hermanson says his goal is to find someone to take over the property who will respect what the historic area means to Denver and be dedicated to bringing in a new generation of prosperity to the area. He has worked with multiple groups and organizations during his time as an owner to keep the historic Larimer Square a vibrant and healthy area. Work has been done to preserve the buildings in an area that holds much history for Denver.  

There is not much information out there about who is looking to purchase the property or what they plan to do with it once the sale is done. Larimer Square is a historic district and remains under that protection regardless of who owns it. 

Hermanson has not revealed his plans once the property is sold, although he does say he hopes to spend more time with his family in Crested Butte.

Larimer Square has seen changes over the last several months as the pandemic slowed and shut down some businesses. The iconic The Market closed after almost 40 years in Denver when the pandemic slowed down business; however, several new businesses have opened since that time.

Although the owner will be different, Larimer Square will remain one of the most beloved areas of Denver, with its rich history and ties to the very start of the city.

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