This house was standing during the Civil War. What more do you need to know?

Future farmers or vineyard owners, listen up! Barnesville, Maryland, has the perfect property for you to finally take a chance on the change you have been looking for. With 105 acres of land, there are endless opportunities!

Sitting in the middle of the property is an 1850s farmhouse (how cool!), which can be flipped to your liking or removed to build the dream estate, winery, or farm that you have been hoping for. 

The property is located on Barnesville Road, several minutes from civilization, so there is a guarantee for some peace and quiet. 

Take a look inside

If you wish to preserve the home, just renovate it! All it needs is a coat of paint, new windows, floors, and custom decorations -- You could easily make this place your own. 

living area

living area

To keep the wallpaper or not to keep: that is the question. 

entryway with stairs

The bathroom could use some elbow grease ... I can foresee a large shower with a fancy new overhead spout!


Stairs for days! So much character.


Now, here is the money maker. Use this land to build a barn, for the horses of course, or, plant some grapes to make your own vineyard!

spacious property

Is that a nature-made home plate? Build your own baseball field!


Take advantage of this amazing opportunity while you can. This home is located at Barnesville Rd, Barnesville, MD 20838. Check out the listing here on Zillow, or see its listing over on National Trust for Historic Preservation's website!

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Will you start a vineyard farm, or build a custom estate? Tell us your ideas in the comments below. 

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