The sweeping porch and historical features will blow you away.

Just teeming with centuries of history, this Woodbine estate is everything Maryland homeowners could ever want (on paper). 

Built in the 1800s? Check.

Huge residence? Check.

Tons of character and lovely architectural details? Check.

180 acres of sprawling land with a pond? Check.

Within commuting distance of both D.C. and Baltimore? Check.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places? Check.

But not sold on the facts alone? Just wait till you see the photos of this magnificent property. It's everything they say it is and more. With more than 18,000 square feet, Oakdale would be the perfect space to transform into a corporate retreat venue, wedding venue, or winery! Dream big ...

Take a Look Inside: 

front porch

The hallway goes on for days! 


There is a living room behind the living room.

living room

living room




So many custom rugs in this place. No word on whether or not they come with the estate!



I almost feel like we should play a "spot the rug" drinking game.


Two rugs ^.


Three rugs ^.


One rug ^. Tipsy yet?

Take a look at this porch/patio! Just keep walking, just keep walking!

wrap-around porch

patio with columns

The best part of the home is the amenities, of course! 

large room


swimming pool


Originally built in 1838, this unbelievable home possesses a cherished piece of Maryland's past. The property can be found at 16449 Ed Warfield Rd., Woodbine, MD 21797 -- check out the listing here!

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Do you see yourself living here? Would you want to make it residential or turn it into a business? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!