If you've ever wanted to live in a classic hunting lodge that could double as a small hotel on enough land to become your own town, this listing in Cambridge, Maryland, is for you.

Paul Tudor Jones made a lot of money in the stock market in his career, and a sizable portion of that wealth went into building what is considered to be one of the finest duck and wildlife habitats on the East Coast. Over the course of about 22 years, Jones purchased 27 contiguous parcels of land in Cambridge, Maryland, adjacent to the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge. These parcels total nearly 6,400 acres of land, and together with the various buildings make up what is known as Tudor Farms. He later listed the property for sale and eventually donated the property to Young Life in 2016. Now it is once again on the market, listed by Benson and Mangold Real Estate.

Tudor Farms Buck
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The main building on the property is the lodge, a sprawling 14,000-square-foot building that houses 11 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, as well as assorted other living spaces one might need in a mansion such as this. The main drive takes you to the large lodge perched on one of the many waterways. There are three floors to the lodge, and the main level features an extended outdoor porch or walkway that goes most of the way around the sprawling building, even extending out over the water. Many of the bedrooms also look out over the water, and some feature small balconies where you can take in the sights even better.

Tudor farms Living Room
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This main building has the feel of a true hunting lodge, with lots of exposed wood and even detailing that looks like unfinished branches and whole trees. The décor is rustic with lots of mounted trophies (the kind that used to be alive) and features imposing stone fireplaces. The main entry even has an oversized relief image of a buck. In the woods.

There are plenty of sitting areas, including a massive living room that overlooks the water with nearly floor-to-ceiling windows. There is an outdoor living space on the deck out front, which overhangs the water, complete with a fire pit. Back inside the house, there is an oversized, circular dining room with a 360-degree mural of the surrounding wetlands painted on the wall and a gourmet kitchen. While the current listing doesn't specifically mention recreation space, the listing from the early teens included images of a game room with a pool table and a yoga studio.

Tudor Farms Deck
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In addition to the main lodge, there are two guest homes, as well as farm offices, a manger's residence, and “supporting structures.” While the current listing doesn't specify what those structures are, the images show a sizable stable with an indoor riding ring. The stables and ring were a prominent part of the listing when Jones originally sold, as were indoor basketball, tennis courts, and a kennel (presumably for hunting dogs). While those features aren't listed directly anymore, it's hard to imagine why they wouldn't still be there or what they could have been turned into.

Tudor Farms Riding Ring
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Even with buildings as uniquely over-the-top as the main lodge, the major draw of this property is, without a doubt, the land. The deeded land is plus or minus 6,400 acres, which works out to be about 10 square miles of property, with 2,500 of those acres being woodland, 1,200 acres being tillable land, and over 100 acres being bermed ponds that are stocked with fish. There's also 10 linear miles of waterfront, 20 miles of internal roads and trails, and acres of native wetlands to explore on the property.

According to the Young Life page about the property, H. David Hall (CEO of Ducks Unlimited and Retired director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service) said,

“I have visited Tudor Farms on several occasions and personally experienced its fantastic waterfowl, whitetail and sika deer hunting ... It is a phenomenal treat for anyone who appreciates being surrounded by high quality fish and wildlife habitat and extraordinary hunting opportunities.”

It is a property that has been painstakingly built and manicured to attract diverse wildlife to interest the avid hunter. Even if you're not a hunter, however, it could be exactly the type of wilderness escape that your hectic life needs. Or you could just use that line on the brochure when you turn it into a B&B.

Tudor Farms Water Views
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