This 3D home tour is a little bit different than most ...

An unusual real estate listing has fascinated people worldwide, and the story behind it is almost as fascinating as what is inside. 

Located at 8800 Blue Lick Road in Louisville, Kentucky, the property itself is odd, yes—but it's more than that. There was no staging or interior decorating before the listing of this place. In fact, it looks like the home is in the exact same state as it was whenever the people who lived or worked there left.

A 3D house tour has gone viral as onlookers discovered that the house is a virtual treasure trove of stuff. The home is packed completely full of retail goods, literally stacked floor to ceiling in some places. The tour has taken off like no real estate agent has ever seen—someone even started a scavenger hunt, a race, and a game about finding the really odd bathtub, which has been blocked off from the tour. 

As interest in the property grew, online investigators began to find a few hints about the property, mainly that there had been a police raid at the location in 2014. Internet detective Andy Baio decided to put his skills to the case of what exactly this property was, who owned it, and why they were listing it with so much stuff still inside. Baio did some work and was able to connect with the property owner. 

As it turns out, the property had originally been a church built in the 1950s and included a school and a small home. More buildings were added in the 1970s. The elusive bathtub was originally a baptistry for the church and features stairs that lead to absolutely nowhere. The owner had run an online discount resale business out of the property but had unknowingly been selling stolen items that were sold to them by one of their suppliers—which led to a four-year investigation. After serving probation, the business owner salvaged his business, but ultimately wanted to sell the home without taking the time and effort to clean it out first.

As for the baptismal bathtub? Apparently, that room was where the business stored its stock of Girls Gone Wild merchandise, and there was apparently enough of it that taking photos in there would have been inappropriate.

Listed by Keller Williams Louisville East the home has three bedrooms and four bathrooms and is being sold for $375,000. But for an additional $250,000, you can also have everything inside.

Have you seen this unusual property and the immersive 3D tour? What do you think about trying to sell a house with so much stuff packed inside? Sound off in the comments, and if you have not already seen it, be sure to take the tour!